Why attempt anything hard?

Because if it wasn’t hard then it wasn’t worth it.

Breaking it down, why on earth would you want to put yourself through something that is very difficult to achieve. Where there is a strong possibility of failure, where you will need to put your body and mind through so much discomfort and pain and hardship.

  • The reason why is because it is the cost of entry to discovering just how hard you really are.
  • The human body and mind are capable of extraordinary things and when working in-sync with each other there is no path, mountain, sea or barrier that you can not overcome.
  • You are relentless, you are strong, you are of indomitable spirit, you are a solid piece of granite my friend. You are Hard.
Race Details

Name Hard Belfast

Race location Titanic Slipway Belfast

Date 28th August 2021- 29th August 2021

Race start 9am 28th

Race finish 9am 29th


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